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20 slot machines plus1old juke box for sale Milwaukee-Wi for sale in Milwaukee, WI buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

holla i will try to explane to you what is going on.. My name is Samuel Furlan Amarante from Brasil, and i use to be a long time ago Harold 's W bitney foreign students..(i am 30 years old today) unfortunantly Harold Bitney Died last week , and he gave the house for me And Renato Mendonca(another brasilian foreign student) 6100s 18th street ,Milwaukee -Wi 53221 We will sell the house and everything insite.. there are 19 slot machines and one juckebox probably al made back in 1970! Harold use to be a big gamble man in Las Vegas..and along time ago he boght all the machines for one cassino in Vegas ..and they ship all the way to Milwaukee.. Right now i am in Brasil , but Renato Mendonca is in Milwaukee ..he went there last tuesday to organize everithing a real state to sell the house..change the locks on the door..things like this. Renato is atacked on the he can take some pictures of the machines and send to you thanks Samuel Furlan Amarante - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist